Everything you didn't want to know about me
but are going to be told anyway....
whether you like it or not :)

Of course you may want to skip the crap and go straight to my Interests. Beats me why... I'm an interesting guy <g>. Well anyway.. if ya do click here. Other than that.. read on ;o)

Yup, here it is! The lowdown on the dork pictured above. I'll be brief. You're probably thinking ``You bloody liar'' or some such comment, coz I do tend to warble on a bit. <scratches head> Actually I am right now! Ahem!!

Right then the stats. I'm Welsh, 4'8'' (no it isn't a typo and I am NOT vertically challenged <politically correct crap> I AM SHORT!!! It's actually quite useful. Cuz I'm also disabled (not ``physically challenged'', groan, I 'ate that crap, I really do!), in a wheelchair from birth. I have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. The combination of low altitude and the seated position means .... AHEM!!!!!!! Umm... oops... But we digress (told ya I would).

I was hatched... errr... I mean built... uhhhh... what's the word? Oh yeah... Born... in Cardiff, Wales, May 15th, 1970. I have dark brown hair and eyes (two... eyes not hairs OK?). Oh yeah, last but not least I'm 98lbs, a lightweight.... OK, who said paperweight?? Come on, own up!!! LOL!!!!

My interests are very varied. Heavily into music, who else can count Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Phil Collins, Whitesnake, The Riverdance Soundtrack, and a horde of other weird and wonderful combinations among their collection? At the moment I am veering toward the AOR genre, with a twist of traditional Celtic music thrown in. Yes it is varied, I grant you. Also History, mainly both World Wars but also Egyptology and a variety of other areas.

IRC I came to in the summer of 1994. I won't bore you with the details. Bore yourself if you're really that interested ;o)

Um, other than that, my car. A silver 2006 Vauxhall Corsa, goes like the Enterprise-D with Deanna Troi at the helm... only it doesn't fetch a planet in the face as often ;o) I love blasting the stereo and putting the hammer down. Frustrated biker? Could beeeee... Hong Kong Phooey, Number One Super Guy.... STOP THAT!!!! I'm going to get locked up one day I can tell!!!

I'm into computers, I know that's a bloody shock, else why the hell am I here??? Also photography, the piccie above is a JPG done with a Sony DSC F1 Digital camera a LONG time ago (I need to update that don't I?).

Historically, I have done a bit of sport. I wasn't always the unhealthy spotty fat bastard you see in the piccie (and the first one to agree will.... Just kidding!!!) In 1984 (I think) I was Junior British Champion at the wheelchair slalom. Since then sod all mind you. Yes I knowI'm not a Junior any more <mutters> Quarter of a century!!! Pah!!! <grumble> Yes alright I've just been reminded I left quarter of a century behind some time ago <sulk>. I have done a couple of 10K road races. Its only then that you truly realise how some people's perception of flat is a load of old cobblers! (UK for crap) I remember dimly muttering to a course official once (breathing quite heavily) that someone appeared to have redefined the definition of the term flat in my absence!!!! Was I a happy camper? Not a bit of it!

So I am currently using free weights from home to work off all this energy...... Hmmmmmm..... Check out my Twitter page to keep up on my progress. One day I promise to figure out what I'm doing..... Probably!

Anyway, tara for now, and as I think has been said before, any questions, on anythingat all, please feel free to ask.

Syonara, Bye Bye!!! <nicked from the Cannonball Run, if you had ever wondered>

If you have any questions and/or want to know more about me then a:) you need psychiatric help :) and b:) you can contact me here

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