Kaos in Pictures ;o)

The Compuserve Years...

The story begins with a much younger and stupider Welsh bloke buying a modem from a guy in work. He ends up on Compuserve... finds the CB function.. picks the nick MadMonk (this due to a combination of celibacy and lunacy ;o), oh OK.. also I have an interest in Russian history, eg Rasputin :o)) and that's all she wrote....

The IRC years

January '95 sees the birth of a new era. The aforementioned eejit, now much poorer thanks to a 6 month combination of Compuserve and British Telecom, sees the light and heads off for sunnier climes (at least for his bank balance anyway ;o))

On holiday in '97

The Rebellion

OK... well after one too many completely pointless nick wars with lamers deciding they wanted the nick MadMonk I changed to Rebel in the summer of '97. The nick stayed with me longest. Insanity and and senility in equal portions prevent my remembering exactly how long ;o)During this time I met some great people, many of whome have remained friends to this day, but among the longest are Doug and Leigh, aka The ShaggyDA and Leeway. Actually I've known them since Compuserve. They're wild, wacky, but above all GOOD PEOPLE :o))

Kaos Reigns

Autumn '98 and time for yet another change. Since I am Welsh, a proud member of the Celtic warrior race ;o) Also I'm mad as a fish and where I go a certain amount of lunacy, panic, mayhem and disorder tends to follow.

So as a result the nick CeltiKaos was born. Yeah OK I was gyped by EFnet only having a nine letter maximum. Sheeesshh...

Kaos for the new Millenium

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Have I changed that much in the last 6 years? I don't think so.

This picture was taken in January 2000 on a trip to London to meet Laura99.

New job anyone? ;o) No.. me either.. I didn't get it. Gotta admit I look sharp though ;o)

(OK you don't have to.. but be nice :o)

And that's all she wrote. Stay tuned for updates ;o)