Moron's Log: Celtdate.. errrr... today

Monday 8th September.
OK I lied about "regular" <G> sorta.. semi-regular

Aye well I'm single..again... this is getting repetitive! Hehehe... Yes well if there is anyone reading this vaguely interested... where the hell are ya? <g> .. Yeah.. Like I'm that desperate :o)

Later ladies and gents.. for the next instalment :o)

Monday 7th August 2000.
Transferred my Domain to Proshells after way too much aggravation with the old host company. Any screwups with files or links being knac.. err.. not working pleaseE-Mail me:o)

Saturday 16th December:
Finally got around to updating my Music Page. Any problems glitches or requests to include my bands/artists please mail me.

Sunday 31st December 2000.
The last day of the 20th Century. Yes ladies and gents, it's this year not last year ;o) Anyway, Best Wishes to you all healthy and Prosperous New Year. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Click here to see some photos of this year's Christmas snowfall :o)
See you all next year.

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